In order to inform my children, my first cousins and their children, I am attempting, in an unorthodox way, to trace the family history of Clement V. Frazier our Grandfather. Because of all the information I have received from various relatives across the country I have had to condense my information so it will not be a genealogical masterpiece, just important and interesting information about our ancestors. The following is the progression of our ancestors:

I. Alexander Frazier married Sarah Coppock daughter of Aaron Coppock and Mary Orrell.

     A. John Frazier married Abigail Mellican daughter of William Mellican and Jane White.

          1. William Frazier married Suzanne Woodward daughter of Abraham Woodword and
               Hannah Thornburgh.

               a. Abraham Frazier married Margaret Coppock daughter of Thomas and Mary Coppock..

                    (1) Madison Frazier married Rebecca Oren daughter of Alexander Oren and
                          Lydia Frazier.

                              (a) Eli Frazier married Flora King daughter of Raleigh M. King and Elizabeth
                                   Ann West.

                                   1) Clement V. Frazier married Millie Byrd, daughter of Martin Luther and
                                       Margaret Corbit Byrd..


I. Alexander Frazier was our first ancestor to come to the United States. He was born before 1685 in either Scotland or Ireland. He died before December 18, 1750 in Chester Co., PA. He was a Quaker and disowned by the Quakers in 1719. He married Sarah Coppock May 5, 1716 at the Kennett Monthly Meeting. Sarah was born July 12, 1690 in Moberly, England and was the daughter of Aaron Coppock (born 10/25/1662) in Cheshire England. He died 10/10/1726 in Nottingham. Arron married Mary Orrell, daughter of Moses and Martha Orrell, in 1688 in England. Children of Aaron and Mary were:.

1. Sarah (our direct ancestor).

2. Martha born 9/3/1693 in Moberly, England and married John Robinson.

3. Ann born about 1696.

4. Aaron born 9/1/1697 in Moberly, England.

5. Mary born 5/11/1699 in Moberly, England.

6. Lydia born 1701 in Nottingham, England.

Aaron's second marriage was to Miriam Short on 9/30/1704 in Delaware Co., PA. They had three children: .

l. Miriam born 1706 in Aston, PA.

2. Mary born 1707 in Chester, PA and married Robert Sinclair..

3. John born 7/1/1700 in Chester, PA and died 5/18/1789 in MD..

I. Alexander Frazier and Sarah Coppock had eight children:.

1. Alexander died in Chester Co, PA and married Phoebe Elliott.

2. Moses born 1/28/1749.

3. Ezekiel born 12/2/1752 in York Co., PA.

4. Mary married William Garretson.

5. Sarah married John Rich.

6. Miriam Frazier married Peter Clever.

7. Moses married Mary Allen.

8. John Frazier (our direct ancestor) married Abigail Millican..

Next Generation:

II. John Frazier son of Alexander Frazier and Sarah Coppock was born in Chester Co. PA in 1734 and married Abigail Millican on 1/24/1759 at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Randolph Co. NC. Abigail was the daughter of William Mellican and Jane White..

William Millican, Abigail's father, was born about 1720, probably in Ireland and died about 1800 in Randolph Co., NC. His first wife, Jane White, whom he married in Chester, PA in 1740 appears to have been the mother of all his children with the possible exception of Martha. William moved from PA to NC about 1758 and Jane died the same year. By June 1759 William married Hannah Rowan, daughter of William and Elizabeth Rowen of Chester Co. PA. Family tradition says he married a third time, to Jan Rowan but no documentation has been found on that marriage. A Quaker, William Millican did not bear arms during the Revolution, but is listed in the DAR Patriot Index: "He was so obnoxious to the Tories that on 10 March 1782, Colonel Fanning burned his home and barns with all their contents. He also furnished supplies." The children of William Millican and Jane White are:.

1. Abigail (our director ancestor who married John Frazier) born 1741..

2. Samuel born 1742 and married Ann Baldwin.

3. Sarah born 1743 and married John Mills.

4. David born 1745 .

5. Mary born 1747 and died 1814 married Robert Bratton born 1746 and died 1824.

6. William born 1753 and married Elinor Smith.

7. Benjamin born 1755 and married Rebecca Rush.

8. Hannah born 1756 and died 1852 married Enos Blair born 1750 and died 1834.

9. Alexander born 1758.

10.Martha married James Frazier.

(This information was furnished by Elizabeth Harris E-mail She works at Duke University.)

II. John and Abigail Frazier had three children: .

1. Sarah born in Rowan Co., NC.

2. Abigail born in Rowan Co., NC and married William Williams..

3. William Frazier.

Next Generation

III. William Frazier born 12/22/1764 in Rowan Co., NC and died 12/1849. He married Susanna Woodward. Susanna was born 9/2/1764 in Chester Co., PA and died 1/28/1832 in Jefferson Co., TN. They were married 1/29/1784 in Randolph Co., NC. They had five children..

1. Abraham (our direct descendant) born 2/12/1784 at Randolph Co., TN and married Margaret Coppock..

2. Eli Frazier born 5/19/1786 in Randolph Co. NC and married Jane McFarland.

3. Jane Frazier born 6/20/1788 in Randolph Co, NC and married Caleb Pierce.

4. John Frazier born 2/9/1790 in Randolph Co, NC and married Lydia Skeen.

5. Eliza Frazier born 6/13/1791 in Randolph Co, NC.

Susanna, William Frazier's wife, was the daughter of Abraham Woodward son on William and Eliza Woodward. Her mother was Hannah Thornburgh. William and Eliza Woodward had five children:.

1. Mary born 1735.

2. James born 1736.

3. Abraham (our direct ancestor) born 1740.

4. William born 1743.

5. John born 1749.

In 1760 Alse Simcock accused Abraham Woodward with being the father of her bastard child and likewise complained of him marrying another woman. His wife was Hannah Thornburgh..

Hannah Thornburgh was the daughter of Walter Thornburgh. Walter's wife was Margaret. He was granted 368 acres on the north run of Middle Creek, Frederick County, VA on 11/18/1752. The family moved to North Carolina after 1759. Walter lived at Deep River, Roan County, NC. Deep River was the preparatory meeting of the New Garden Meeting from 1759 to 1788. Walter was dismissed from the Quakers on 10/28/1769, apparently for quarreling. He probably died in February of 1783. Margaret had died previously. Both were present at the marriage of their son, Henry to Rachel Moon on 7/12/1758 because they were both witnesses. Their children were:.

1. Henry.

2. Edward.

3. Margaret.

4. William .

5. Hannah Thornburg (our direct ancestor.) .

Hannah was born at West Bradford, Chester County, PA on 11/20/1738 and died 10/13/1812. In Jefferson County, TN. She married Abraham Woodward son of William and Eliza Marshall Woodward on 8/10/1760 in the Old Swedes Church..

The Thornburg Pedigree taken from the book, "A Discourse On The Thornburg Family" by Charles Thornburg. This book is available in libraries and lists all our Thornburg relatives. .

The surname Thornburg is locational in origin associated with the English. Its meaning is described as, dweller at or near the thorn bushes, dweller near a fort where thorns grew, one who came from the Thorbrough, a fort protected a stone hedge. The family originated in the North Riding of Yorkshire where old maps show a place called Thornbrough. The Thornburgs appear in English history before 1300 and were a powerful and ancient knightly family possessing many manors. Several Thornburgs were knights. We are also related to Richard Thornburg who was the United States Attorney General and Governor of PA..

The Thornburg relative who I have found and E-mail is Grace Kayser from Arlington Heights, IL..

Next Generation.

IV. Abraham Frazier son of William and Susanna was born 12/02/1784 in the Muddy Creek-Deep River area of Randolph County, NC. When he was six or seven his family moved to the Lost Creek, Bay's Mountain, Jefferson County, TN region. Abraham was the oldest son and since the area was wilderness there were no schools and therefore his education was only obtained from his parents and the Quaker Church. He did feel he was responsible for the education of his children, promoted the subscription school in Ohio and had two sons who were teachers. On November 8, 1814 he married Peggy Coppock the daughter of Thomas and Mary Coppock of PA and Strawberry Plains, Jefferson Co., TN. Margaret was born in 1793 in Jefferson County, TN and died June 29, 1845 New Vienna, Clinton Co., Ohio. In 1816 Abraham and Margaret Coppock Frazier moved to Clinton, Co., OH where Abraham bought land on the East Fork of the Little Miami River. Abraham's brother Eli and his sister Eliza Frazier Moon lived nearby. He died 3/15/1862 in New Vienna, Ohio and at that time he had purchased several acres of land. He and his wife are buried in the Quaker Cemetery near New Vienna, OH. The sons John and Abraham are also buried there. Abraham and Margaret had nine children:.

1. A. Frazier.

2. William born 11/20/1817 in New Vienna, OH and married Minerva Jane Hill. He died in 1895 One of their direct descendants still living is Julia Francis Frazier Hamlett born 12/21/1908 in Wells Co., IN. She married George Hamlett and lives in Houston, TX..

3. Abraham Frazier born in 1819 in New Vienna, OH and married Jane Coppock. He died in 1859 in Clinton Co., OH. Both Abraham and Jane are buried in the New Vienna, OH Quaker Cemetery..

4. Madison Frazier born 9/12/1819 in New Vienna,OH and married Rebecca Oren (our direct descendant.).

5. John born about 1822 in New Vienna, OH. He died in 1851 and was a teacher..

6. Eliza Frazier born 4/24/1824 in New Vienna, OH and married Jacob Quigley in Clinton County, OH. One of their descendants is Bernie Quigley who lives at 199 Ogden Rd.., Wilmington, OH 45177. I have spoken to him on the phone and he told me a Frazier still owns the old Frazier farm in Clinton Co.,OH .

7. Lewis Frazier born 4/24/1826 in New Vienna, OH married Margaret Quigley. He died in 1894 of Dropsey. His wife was Jacob's sister..

8. Margaret Ann born 1832 in New Vienna, OH married Abraham Skeen. They moved to Kansas..

9. Aaron Frazier born 10/24/1834 in New Vienna, OH and married Elizabeth Williams. He died in 1902 in Oregon. Aaron was a school teacher He taught in Clinton, Co., IN, Berlin Wisconsin, Leon, IA, McMinnville, OR and Dufur, Wasco Co., OR. In the book " The History of Central Oregon" he is on pages 269 and 277. In 1980 his grandchildren Verne and Gladys Everett lived in Portland. Gladys was a lawyer and State Representative..

Next Generation.

V. Madison Frazier married Rebecca Oren. Rebecca's father was Alexander Oren born June 24, 1794 and married Lydia Frazier on April 24, 1820. He died before 1842. His father was John Oren Sr. and his mother was Ruth Frazier. The Orens and the Fraziers intermarried several times. Alexander and Lydia Frazier Oren had 10 children Rebecca being the oldest. They were:.

1. Rebecca born January 3, 1821 and married Madison Frazier March 10, 1844..

2. Ruth.

3. James born 1825.

4. Ezekiel born 1827.

5. Hannah born 1829.

6. John born 1832 and died 1877. One of his descendants is Pamela Kay Jenkins who lives near Yosemite National Park in California and is a church secretary. E-mail address

7. Phoebe born 1835.

8. Alexander born 1837.

9. Moses born 1840 and died 1910. He married Emily Jane Wilson..

10.Lydia Ann Oren born 1843..

The Orens John Oren Sr., Rebecca's grandfather, who was married to Ruth Frazier was the son of Joseph Oren and Abigail Kirk. He was born in Yorktown, York County, PA in 1765. He was the father of 16 children and 105 grandchildren. They moved to Green County, TN and united with the Friends Church at New Hope in Green County. John Oren was a man of strong convictions and a firm believer in the equality of man. 10 of his grandsons were in the civil war, three lost their lives. The spring after they moved to Ohio his wife died by falling into the fire while rendering lard. He then married Lydia Ladd of Highland Co.,OH and had 4 more children. He was a tailor by trade and farmed. His older sons were farmers but they each learned a trade. Joseph was a carpenter, Alexander, a mason, James a shoemaker, John a plaster, Jesse, a tanner and Elihu a teacher..

It is said about the Orens that three brothers came to America from Russia. They were of Jewish faith, two of these brothers married gentile women and took up the Christian religion. The Orens were traced back to the southern part of Russia near the Causcasion Mountains and the founders or Orenburg..

The Kirks.

Abigail Kirk's family came from Ireland. The Kirks all descended from three brothers. Alphonsus who came from Ireland and settled in New Castle, DE; Jacob who settled on the rich lands of the Conestoga, and Roger, who located near the waters of Northeast Creek. The first who came to America was Alphonsus Kirk and from him descended all the name of Kirk in this country. Alphonus was born in Ireland. He migrated to America with other Quakers and settled on the Brandywine creek in PA. Alphonus took passage from Belfast on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1688 and landed at Jamestown, VA on January 12, 1689. He married Abigail Sharpley, a Friend and the daughter of Adam Sharpley. The Sharpley's arrived in 1682 and settled on the east side of Brandywine Creek. Their son Roger was born in 1694 and died 1762. He married Jean Bowen daughter of Henry Bowen of Cecil County, MD. Their daughter Abigail was born 1727 and married Joseph Oren. (I have pages of information on the Kirks if you are interested in copies.).

V. Madison Frazier born September 12, 1819 and died November 9, 1899 and is buried in Riverton,IA. His wife Rebecca Oren was born March 1, 1821 and died before Madison. They had six children all born in Ohio:.

1.Eli born 9/17/1845 (our direct descendant) died April 17, 1925..

2. Lydia born 1852 who married a Speers.

3. Emma born 1857 who married a Lightfoot.

4. Ruth born 1856.

5. Margaret .

6. Job born 1855.

This is a letter from Madison Frazier who lived near New Vienna, OH to his brother William Frazier in Kirlin, IN..

Dear Brother. As it is a most a year since I heard from you except that word from Jacob I did not see that letter. We are all in tolerable health. I am some better than when you was here, am stronger in my shoulder but weak in my gripp. Jakes, Lewis's are well. Mary is much the same. Lewis Alphis is married to a Thompson girl. Abe and John both had babies recently. Everything is much the same as when you were here. The great State road from Vienna to Martinsville is done there then. This was a fruitful year. Apples, peaches, grapes sold a hundred-thirty-three wagon loads made into cider. We done better raisin corn than we have for some time, big yellow ears more than a foot long. Can any of you tell of younger brother. I wrote him a letter two years ago but never answered so I don't want to impose on good nature. Let me know if any of you correspond with him, tell him he neglected me and all the dear kin here. Don't forget to write. Madison Frazier.

Excuse my bad writing. I have an old flatten goose quill & dull knife to make it work. Weather is bitter cold. Snow came in the middle of November. The 4th December made great flood. Then only a few days another snow. Pork the great part sold 4.14-4.30, corn 40, wheat 1.00, turkeys 6 to 6 cents a pound. Gray mare (sound) December 9, 1880. Rex wants me to brag and blow a little for her. She has 50 turkeys, 19 sold $12.75, she calculates to sell 21 more..

The Jake he mentions is Jacob Quigley, husband of Eliza, Madison's sister. This was furnished to me by Julia Frazier Hamlett, 2223 Shakespear Rd.., Houston, TX 77030. The Quigleys still live in this area..

VI. Eli Frazier married Flora King. Flora was from Clinton County Ohio the daughter of Raleigh King and Elizabeth Ann West and was only 16 when she married Eli. Raleigh King was born in 1829-30 and died after 1877 in Ohio. Elizabeth West was born in 1835 in Virginia and died after 1877. He was the son of William King born 1785 from Grayson Co., VA. Her mother's name was Nancy and she was from Virginia also.The West and King families go back to Wales and England. I have the linage back to the 1400's if you are interested in a copy. Eli and Flora had 10 children:.

1. Minnie born May 1, 1874 in Clinton, Co.,OH.

2. Clement V. born October 19, 1875 in Greenup, Illinois and died December 24, 1949 in Des Moines, IA. He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery, Williamsburg, IA along with his wife Millie Byrd Frazier, and their sons Morris and James. Their other children were Edna, Byron, Morris, Paul and Hubert. Justin is buried in Riverton, IA where he died at the age of 5 from scarlet fever..

3. Hubert born May 17, 1878 in Cumberland Co, OH and died February 21, 1911 and is buried in Randolph , IN. His wife's name was Nellie and she died in 1917, was born in 1879..

4. Earl Cooper Frazier born October 8, 1883 and married Neta Lohnes. He was born in Riverton, IA. Their children were Leslie Fraizer Thompson born November 25, 1916 and married Perry Thompson. ( She has one daughter Patricia born about 1950 who married Kennith Pritiki.) Philip Emory born June 6, 1918 and married Margaret Harrilyn. ( They have one son William Earl born May 1958 and married Dana Jo). They are divorced and have three children Jennifer May born July 16, 1990; twins Benjamin Earl and Amanda Joyce born January 6, 1995). Richard Ben Frazier born January 4, 1921 and married Mary Nasmyth. They live in Wyoming. ( They have three children; Peter who married Ann who has three children, Debora who married Rick Schoenberg and have John and Sara and Andrew who married Julie and lives in Cody, WY and has two sons.) Leslie and Dick are still living as of January 1997. Phil's wife Margaret furnished me with much information. She lives in California..

5. Lydia Frazier born June 2, 1886 in Coffee County, KS and died December 27, 1891..

6. Robert Edwin Frazier born July 13, 1888 in Riverton, IA and died April 29, 1951 in Florida.

7. Viola Frazier born May 18, 1891 in Riverton, IA and was married to George Omer on January 29, 1913. Their childen are: Mary Omer born November 9, 1913 and died July 27, 1968. She married Leroy Hinrich; Flora Maxine Omer who lives in Las Vegas and never married; Doris Frazier Omer born October 17, 1920 and married Morris Johnson. Dorothy Frazier Omer born October 27, 1920 and married Roland Dickenson and after his death married Raymond Wozniak. She lives in Inavale NE. Ethel Georgia Omer born January 12, 1923 and maried Cecile Dale Smith. They live in Grand Island, NE. Betty Lee Omer born May 22, 1926 married High Gibson. They live in Omaha, NE. Vernon Clay Omer born May 22, 1926 and maried Dorris Johnson. Glenda Viola Omer born April 8, 1930 and married John Nelson III. .

8. Glen B. Frazier born June 5, 1894 in Riverton, IA and was married to Carri in 1915. No children..

9. Ethel Alice Frazier born June 2, 1898 and died January 1, 1922. .

10. John Frazier born in Randolph, IA June 21, 1901 and married Lorraine Adams July 7, 1930. John died November 28, 1964. Lorraine was born October 6, 1910 and died January 12, 1997. They have three children:.

A. Joan born December 30, 1932, unmarried, lives in Matteson, IL.

B. Carol married Robert Samual Walters April 14, 1962. She was born December 23, 1933, he was born August 15, 1933 in Whitetail, Montana and died January 12, 1987. Carol teaches in Chicago. They have two children:.

(1). Laura Susan married Keith Powell October 15, 1988. She was born June 4, 1967..

(2) David Paul born September 18, 1965 and married Linda Lu July 30, 1995. He's a CPA and she's a lawyer and they live in Lake Bluff, IL.

C. James Phillip born February 10, 1946 and lives in Bartlet, IL. He is unmarried and teaches in Chicago..