KC, final day, July 2004

KC (standing) with Micki, 1993
KC (Kitty Cat) was such a good little kitty. We lost her this year when she succumbed to cancer at the ripe old age of 14 (sniff, sniff)

KC was always a little . . . well . . . odd. She's the one who liked to play fetch with wadded up candy wrappers, but only if they were Tootsie Roll Pops - she'd fly across the room, chasing her "toy" and bring it right back, meowing her head off. She's the one who would bring us "her string" to play with. She's the one who, after avoiding Mark religiously for 10 years, snuggled up to him on the couch for some serious head scratchin'. She's the one who would smash head-on into glass patio doors, trying to attack birds and squirrels. She's the one who would greet Mark at the door when he got home from work and wouldn't eat (although she was starving) until she was treated to 10 minutes of ritualized petting.

The house has been a little empty without her. Mark still almost calls out her name when he gets home from work, and for a split second, thinks he sees her in the upstairs bedroom, though it's just the stuffed toy cat. KC was buried next to Micki, our Persian who died in 2002, deep in a forest in the Oakland hills.

We'll miss you KC !