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Map of Maui

In July, Dora and I took a 10-day trip to Maui and had a snootful of fun. We're determined to visit all the larger islands of the Hawaiian chain, this being our third of four. We figure we better do it while we're young . . . well, younger. We're eager to go again now that we've been losing weight so we can model bikinis (Dora) and speedos (Mark - yeah, right)

We stayed in a 1-bedroom condo, just north of the resort area of Ka'anapali, which is just a few miles north of the major tourist town of Lahaina. We pretty much stuck to the West side of the island, although we drove into the interior a bit for some horseback riding. We skipped the whole "Road to Hana" thing (heard too many horror stories) and focused on relaxing.

We did a lot of snorkeling in several spots, took a guided 4-hour horseback tour, did the mandatory (for us) helicopter ride to see the big picture, and had loads of fun parasailing. Other than that, it was shopping, lounging on the lanai, or paperback books at the pool or beach. Hope you enjoy the photos . . . Aloha!