It would seem I've taken another step up the ole' career ladder this year - I was promoted from Career Counselor to Associate Director of the Career Development Center (CDC) at Cal State Hayward.

My boss Dave Travis, the Director of the CDC, advanced to Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, also retaining the title of Director. So I was promoted to Associate Director to manage the day-to-day activities of a bunch of dedicated, professional, and whacky Career Counselors and administrators. With Dave being out of the office about 95% of the time, I've been addressing the everyday problems of the staff and students, problems which I prefer to think of as "opportunities for growth." It's been quite a challenge this year.

Our staff is the best - they have the students' best interest at heart and everyone gets along well with each other - we complement each others' strengths. We have some unique, creative, and assertive personalities, and that makes for some interesting staff meetings and interaction. We've done a lot of good things this year.

Our Dining Etiquette Event, "Which Fork Do I Use" was a real hit with students last January. Over 75 students attended. We just repeated this event last month and doubled participation to over 150 students - check out the web pages.

We did a Fashion Show earlier this year too, to show students proper interviewing and business attire. We had students model proper attire and had some fun when some of the Career Counselors (including yours truly) served as "bad examples" of dress. We had loads of fun and the students really enjoyed the event - see for yourself.

These types of special events complemented our daily career counseling sessions, 3 job fairs, over 180 career workshops, company information sessions, and classroom presentations, and approximately 200 on-campus interviews. Whew, it has been a busy year . . . and we had loads of fun in the process (I keep using that "F" word don't I? I insist on FUN at work). I sometimes feel guilty getting paid for enjoying myself so much!

Front Row (L to R): Sadira, Lori, Gale
Middle Row (L to R): Rich, Ben, Kay, Bonnie, Andrea
Back Row (L to R): Mark, Dave, Sara, Corrina, Susana, Phyllis, Reddy, Carolyn

Schmoozing at "Which Fork"