"Wow, you lost a half a pound this week, Sweetie. I'm so proud of you!"

This is a typical comment we hear from each other every Saturday morning when we attend our Weight Watchers meeting. Since November 2003, Dora has lost 35 pounds! Mark, always the competitor, has shed a whopping 45! That's a whole little kid!

Dora: We've been on a wonderful journey. We've learned how to eat right again. WW taught us the value of taking care of ourselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We hold ourselves accountable each week when we step on that scale; we learn a new lesson from our WW leader, Susan - lessons about food, the way we think and behave, our attitudes about food, and mental tools to change our behavior; we also give and receive kudos from other members, some of whom have become good pals.

Mark: We don't tempt each other with statements like, "want me to stop at Best Burger on my way home Sweetie?" Doing this together has been the greatest part of it - another thing to share between us. Losing weight and keeping it off takes hard core discipline - eating that apple when your mind is saying french fries, remembering to drink lots of water everyday, and "just saying no" when before we might say "what the hell . . . " I've also enjoyed running again, after not being able to physically do it for the last few years. I feel light as a feather now on the treadmill, which is helping me to shed the pounds even faster!

We both have about 20 more pounds to lose to reach our goal weight. We feel we've discovered a gold mine in Weight Watchers and are both much happier and healthier as a result. We know there's an solution to the problem if we work it!

You'll be seeing less of us!

Aug 2003: Dora and Mark in Hawaii

Oct 2004: Mark at work

Nov 2004: Skinny Dora

Nov 2004: Dora with our WW
Leader Susan