After four years of commuting one and a half to two hours a day to Walnut Creek, I decided enough was enough. I'm a lover, not a fighter, and I was dog tired of fighting that traffic everyday.

Dr. Adler, my personal Internal Medicine doc remembered a conversation he and I had a few months earlier, in which I said I was tired of the commute, so when he was looking for a manager for the new endoscopy center, I came to his mind. But he couldn't remember my name, so he had his admin staff scour through months worth of patient files to find me. He found me! When he called to see if I would be interested in running his new surgery center, which was being built ten minutes from my house, I couldn't resist. But I wouldn't have had the opportunity if it hadn't have been for Dr. Adler's good memory and his staff's great research skills.

I had loads of challenges but fun as well, establishing policies, overseeing the final interior construction phase, buying supplies, and hiring all new staff. I was relieved that I'd be working for only five new doctors as opposed to the 35 egos I dealt with in Walnut Creek.

I have a great team, everyone gets along well and the Greater Bay Endoscopy Center is shaping up nicely . . . and since I'm the big boss lady, in charge of business operations and clinical functions, I'm expanding and honing my marketable skills for wherever my future takes me!

L to R: Minerva, Dora, Dr. Adler, Yesenia, Lorela