M.A.G.E.S.T.I.C. 2007
(Mens Answer Group Enjoying Sobriety Together in Camping)

Mark's Pics

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Singin' 'round the campfire
Al G., and Guitar Tim

Gangster Alex playing horseshoes

Kickin' back: Anthony and Joe

Anthony and me

A few of us took a hike and jumped
in a pool of verrry cold water. Anthony
was the first brave soul.

This shot was taken
right before he screamed.

My face says it all

Raider Dave was the bravest.
He DOVE in!

Shootin' the shit

George and Budd Lite; James (left)
and Spiritual Phil in the back

My good bud Kamyar. He's a newlywed!
Ahhhh, that's why he was walking funny . . .

Oscar, Raider Dave, and Dale

Slick and Bill B.

Tall Paul and Spiritual Phil

My horseshores buddy, Perry.
This year I made THREE ringers.

The ongoing poker game

One of my meditation spots

Best bud Sean

Best buds Sean and Anthony

Sean and Joe