M.A.G.E.S.T.I.C. 2007
(Mens Answer Group Enjoying Sobriety Together in Camping)

Sean's Pics

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Bill B. and Big Tim Prepare
to Have Sex

Where are the ^&#%# Instructions

L to R: John, Bill B., Rick

L to R: Joe, Big Tim, Rick, Robert

L to R: Bill ., Anthony, Raider Dave

The Cool Duo: KC and Tall Paul

Another Gay Sex Kodak Moment:
Two Bare-Chested bears, Jimmy and Sean

Anthony 'n Arizona Mark

L to R in Foreground: Alex and KC
L to R in Background: H.E., Budd Light, John

Puttin' up the Pinata:
Paul, Cooter Dennis, Serene Gene

Full Moon: We Think this is Bill B. - the
Vertical Moustache is a Dead Giveaway

L to R: Steve D., Jimmy, Fuckin' Gary