M.A.G.E.S.T.I.C. 2008
(Mens Answer Group Enjoying Sobriety Together in Camping)

Dave's Pics

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Deer sighting!

Gary (left) and Keith

Arizona Mark kickin' back

Anthony, still cooking that same fish

We gave Bill $100 to eat a bowl of dog doo

On Friday, a salesman wandered into our camp. He was Tall. Oh wait, that's Tall Paul trying to look respectable. Well . . . nice try Paul.

Now you see why they call him "Scary Gary." All the scary ones are Oakland Raider fans aren't they?

What's that shit-eating grin about Joe?

Irish Tim on the golf course.

Kerwin thinks he's an umpire calling a game. Either that or his cart broke down and he needs a ride.

This is a much better look for you Paul.

Tim meditating on his next catch.

The man! Dave B. propelling himself to what's sure to be a better fishin' spot.

Hey Brett, where's the beef? The Men's Group is lucky to have a former chef on its roster.

He STILL looks like Robert Carradine to me.

Oh dear, what a nice hind quarters you have . . .

Tom P. enjoying the cool evening air.

The kitchen Gods - L to R: Jimmy, Steve, and James

Irish Tim is happy whether he catches a fish or not.

Tim 'N Dale posing like proud peacocks

Kevin still has a drinking problem. Considering you're sleeping in a tent, I don't think you want to drink that much water before bedtime Kev.

Semper Fi Paul