M.A.G.E.S.T.I.C. 2008
(Mens Answer Group Enjoying Sobriety Together in Camping)

Mark's Pics

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Best bud Anthony and I

Former sponsor/best bud Guitar Tim kickin' back

Salt Springs Reservoir (read about it).

Guitar Tim (front); new best bud Patrick (back left); and best bud Sean - at the reservoir

We had fun hiking around the reservoir. It had a nice-smelling bathroom too.

Nature shot - at the reservoir.

My best nature shot - near the reservoir

Nature shot - near the rervoir

I asked them to walk like the guys in "Reservoir Dogs" (a Quentin Tarentino film) since we were at the reservoir. Patrick did the best walk.

Then I asked them to moon the camera. A true friend is one who will drop their drawers at your request.

Natue shot - on the drive back from the reservoir

The Mokelumne River - isn't it beautiful? (read more).

The water level was low this year - the winner of the fishing derby won with a one lb. fish!

Best bud Anthony, with a fish he just caught . . .

Now he's cookin' it . . .

Now he's ready to eat it . . . Mmmmm

Spiritual Phil - we hung out together more this year. Good talks.

Anthony throwin' the shoes

Bill B. - Mister Horsheshoes!

Sean holding his long . . . oh wait, that's a snake

Tom P. - one of the rare moments I saw him relaxing - he's usually busy doing something for someone else.

St. Nick - ready to add the salt peter to the taters

The perfect gesture from "Fuck You" Gary

Slick - he's one of the founders of this campout. Thanks Slick!

Ponytail Steve, the consummate fisherman

Busted! Gary's been poking fun at me for 4 years because I like to shower during the campout. I caught the sumbitch! But he was good-natured enuf to pose . . .

Patrick and his sponsor Tim. Good choice Patrick!

They said "take another one!" Okay, here it is.

This one's for your mom, Patrick.

Patrick and I bonded - you're a good man Patrick.

Camera hogs!

Tim was my sponsor during my first year and a half of recovery. Love you Tim!

Bear River Lake - the lake that thinks it's a river.

Thumbs up, Stewart!

The Budhead and I - this "one" is for you Michael!

Bugs Bunny and his bud Joe

The perpetual poker game

The guys new to the campout get to wash the dishes - service work at its best

FU Gary and his 10 inch . . . oh wait, that's a sausage. "Little" Gary has big dreams

Dale (right) and Dave. Doesn't Dave look like Robert Carradine from "Revenge of the Nerds" ?

Bill with his morning coffee - ready for a big day of fishin'

Okay Budhead, you got me back.

Wayne and I had an enlightening time talking about spiritual matters Saturday morning.

Mr. Cool, Al G.

The band. L to R is Rock Star Karl, Guitar Tim, Wayne, and Evan (on mandolin)

Bill needed a nap after all that fishin'. Check it out - a group that even makes its own campout t-shirts.

Dale (right) and Ron (I think I got his name right . . . )

Algie jumped in just in time for "Freebird" !!