On Sunday, March 28th 2010, Dora and I saw one of the two "breathing Beatles," Paul McCartney, in concert at the Jobing Dot Com arena in Glendale, Arizona. We saw Ringo and his Travelling All-Starrs two years ago, so our life is complete.

What a show! McCartney has been touring for years, but Dora and I had never seen him, so it was a big deal for us. Plus . . . Dora and I are such HUGE Beatles fans - we're baby boomers, and we were pre-teens when the Beatles broke up in 1970, so we remember them
well . . . WE were there when THEY were.

The middle column contains links to the videos that we took that night. Much of the actual video quality is less than we desired, but the sound is good and . . . well . . . it's bloody Paul McCartney!

Enjoy mate!

He looked pretty good for a 67-year old

Paul seemed to gather more energy
as the show went on

Our Paul McCartney
Concert Videos


The Long and Winding Road

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Live and Let Die

Let it Be

I've Got a Feeling - part 1

I've Got a Feeling - part 2

I'm Looking Through You

Two of Us

Eleanor Rigby


Band on the Run - part 1

Band on the Run - part 2

All My Loving

Hey Jude - part 1

Hey Jude - part 2

Hey Jude - part 3

One of the original moptops. Do you
recognize the left-handed Hofner
bass guitar?

The dude can still play!

What a show!

We got to meet him back stage
and we shot this photo . . . NOT!