Mark and Dora Reed
10413 W. Ashbrook Place     Avondale, AZ 85323
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Mark and Dora's
New Digs

During the 1930's and 40's, when times were tough financially, my (Mark's) grandmother, Cecile Frazier, a kindergarten teacher in small-town Iowa socked away every available penny in the bank. She passed on a sizable nest egg to my parents when she passed in 1998. This money was supposed to secure my parents future into their old age. But when they passed away too soon (in their mid-late 70's) in June and September 2005, two sons and a daughter had unexpected income.

So Mark and Dora's dream house is a tribute to Cecile Frazier, a loving and frugal Iowa girl, and Bob and Mary Reed, two loving, hard-working, and value-driven parents. Because of their sensible and loving outlook on life, along with a nice profit from a condo sale in California, Dora and Mark were able to afford a new car, down payment on a new home, new carpet and tile, pool heater, treadmill, big screen TV, and lots of new oak furniture.

Mark and Dora have always dreamed of a good-sized home with a pool and patio. They have it thanks to Bob, Mary, and Grammy Cecile. Dreams really do come true . . . love is the seed that brings them to fruition.

House Tour

Entrance via front door
Oak Alert: New 'Gentlemen's Chest'

Front Hallway - reverse angle

Living room

Living room - reverse angle

Family room
Oak Alert: New 'Apothecary' CD Holder

Family room - reverse angle

Dining room
Oak Alert: New Dining Table

The dining table we've always wanted!
When both extensions are in, it's 9' long!

Hallway to master bedroom

Master bedroom
Oak Alert: New Cedar Chest

Master bedroom - reverse angle
Oak Alert: Dora's new dresser

Master bedroom - third angle

Master bath

Master bedroom - reverse angle

The new cedar chest

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom - reverse angle
Oak Alert: Two new chest of drawers

Guest bedroom - third angle

Mark's Study/Gym

Mark's Study/Gym
sucky photo but I'm not re-doing this web page

Guest bedroom
There . . . much better

New treadmill with TV screen - the
gym part of Mark's gym

Kitchen - it was peach colored - yuch

Kitchen - opposite angle

Guest bathroom

Exit to patio

Mark's outdoor study - when it's not sweltering,
lounging/reading on the patio is nice.
Panoramic Tour of the Bakyard/Patio

It takes 5 minutes to mow the lawn

The previous owners were great at landscaping

Five miniature palm trees

When Dora and I get home from work, we just
strip and jump in. Damn the nosy neighbors.

There's an in-ground hot tub at the far end.
Great during the winter. Ahhhhhh . . .

The previous owner put a roof
over the entire patio

Dora and I have dreamed of having a
pool and nice patio for years.

Our niece Taylor will visit from Peoria
(10 minute drive) most every weekend during the
cooler months because we invested in a pool heater.

The previous owner put a built-in gas
BBQ in corner of the patio. Bless him..

Dora and I had a few evening dinners outside
when it was cooler, romantically illuminated
by the tiki torches.

A dream come true.

He's no Jordan, but sure is a kid at heart.

"Before" Photos

The Family Room with the
original 'limet green' paint

The kitchen was just 'peachy'

The master bath was covered in 'Exorcist green'

Illinois Family Furniture
A little bit of the Reed family furniture reminds us that Bob, Mary, and Cecile are still here with us.

This secretary desk belonged to Cecile, circa 1920.

This coffee table sat in my parent's living room for many years.

Coffee table, circa 1950.

My parents liked rockers. My mom loved to
curl up in this one with a throw and a crossword puzzle.