Photos of Our 30th Anniversary Renewal of Vows and Second Honeymoon to Key West, Florida (Jan 2010)

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Dora poses before we leave for church

Dora decided to take a photo of herself - aren't all the freckles cute?

Mike, Wanda, and Taylor joined us at church for this special day

Mike and Wanda stood up with us and Reverend Ron performed the ceremony

Dora and I were a lot less nervous than we were 30 years ago

Check out the silk flowers Dora's holding - her mom made those 30 years ago for our marriage ceremony

All the words had more meaning this time around because we love each other so much more

Dora got a bit emotional. Mark did too but no one noticed.

When I zoomed in on the previous photo, I saw our friends getting emotional too, including Evelyn (front) and Dorothy (rear)

The happily re-wedded couple

Time for some cake!

Cutting the cake - we didn't shove cake in each other's mouths like we did in 1980, thank goodness

Our good friend Glenda

Dora and Wanda

The Mckenneys

It was a 4-hour drive from Miami to Key West but with food stops, it took us 6. It was weird seeing water on both sides of the road. The 7-mile bridge was . . . well . . . long.

Every little town (Key) had its own marina. Dora and I agreed that we'd love to own a big motorboat and have the money to just travel along the coast of North America.

You could tell that Herbie's had character from the highway. Great conch fritters and seafood chowder!

El Siboney is one of the best Cuban/Spanish restaurants in Key West. Love that yellow rice!

Dora and I wanted to go south and . . . well . . . we made it as far south as we could go!

Happiness is a conch fritter and no responsibilities.

One of our favorite stops was the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West. Dora couldn't stop gasping with amazement.

Beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful butterfly on Dora's shoe!

Beautiful couple!

Silly couple

Manny, Moe, and Jack the Pelicans hangin' out

One of those big tall sea birds with skinny legs whose name I could come up if I searched on Google

Beautiful Key West sunset!

Beautiful Key West sunset!

Toured the Shipwreck Museum and saw some pirate booty (no, not that kind)

Beautiful Key West sunset!

Beautiful Key West sunset!

REALLY Beautiful Key West sunset!

A gang of pelicans on the street corner, obviously up to no good

Beautiful Dora

We ate Key Lime pie in 5 different restaurants. This was the tallest (piece of pie, not restaurant).

Waiting for the sunset at Mallory Square. No sunset this day - instead, we got one heck of a storm that blew in very quickly, sending everyone running for cover

Mallory Square - home of vendors, street performers, and sunset watchers

Near Miami - love this shot of Dora

Miami Beach - home of Art Deco Architecture

More Art Deco Architecture

More Art Deco Architecture

More Art Deco Architecture

More Art Deco Architecture

Lots of marinas on Miami Beach

And lots of shops and restaurants

Found a great Italian restaurant on South Beach - Dora loved the pizza

If this is Miami, where's Don Johnson?

Truman's "Little White House" in Key West - President Truman's favorite vacation spot

Truman's desk, in his bedroom

Truman's favorite nap spot

This is where Truman played poker with supreme court justices and military generals. This was pre-Texas Hold 'Em days.