Photos of Sunny and Cherie (in no particular order)

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Cherie the basket case

Cherie posing

Dora with Sunny and Cherie

Sunny curled up . . . adorable!

Cherie relaxing on bed

Sunny trying to clean Cherie between bites

"Geez, do I HAVE to take a bath?"

Sunny tries to cuddle but Cherie is too hyper

Another attempt at a bath

Finally worn out and ready to nap

Come here, let's cuddle baby

Cherie with her cousin Taylor

Cherie loves her fish

A face only everyone could love


"I'm gonna get that food on the tray."

"How do you like my baby green eyes?"

Cherie imitating Mike Tyson, biting ears.

"Aren't I just TOO cute?"

How adorable

"I don't care how adorable she is! This little pain in the ass has me in a headlock!"


Too much catnip in a sock will give you ALIEN EYES!

"Must be nap time... I can't keep my eyes..... zzzzzzzz"

Cherie loves her new "kitty tent"

Two cuties