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Dora under a plumeria tree at Maalaea Harbor Shops

Enjoying breakfast and the view

View from our condo - the Maalaea Harbor

Taking a walk on the beach in Kihei

Trying the self-portrait routine - always too close to the face unless you're a chimp with long arms

Artsy photo on a glass surface, catching the reflection of the trees... but the flower came out blurry

At Mama's Fishhouse Restaurant, just north of Kahului

Beautiful sunset . . . Mark's favorite photo of the bunch

On the beach behind Mama's Fishhouse

Sunset, silhouettes, and shadows

Walking the beautiful grounds of Mama's

A must-visit in Maui, Mama's Fishhouse. Bring your credit card...

Mama's - wish I had taken a photo of the interior of the restaurant - beautiful. The food was magnificent!

At the beautiful Maui Tropical Plantation

We took a drive "upcountry" (in the mountains) - this is a shot of the entire southwestern coastline from Maalaea to Wailea

Further upcountry, near Waikoa

From upcountry, you can see both shores of western Maui - on the extreme left is Maalea and on the right is Lahului

At Longhi's Retaurant in Lahaina - try the Macademia-crusted Mahi Mahi

Mark's favorite vacation activity

On the lawn behind our condo

Hookipa Park, on the Road to Hana

Always the Glendale Community College ambassador . . . at Hookipa Park

The views of the ocean at Hookipa Park were stunning

Dora's favorite tropical flower, the Bird of Paradise

Two birds with one stone

Serenity in paradise, the Lahaina Alano Club

A "club cat" - this is 'Serenity' - he lives in the Lahaina Alano Club

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Maui Parasailing - part 1

We went parasailing, what fun! I was so excited I forgot to turn the camera on during "takeoff", but here's three minutes of both Dora and I at 600 feet in the air. As my mother used to say, "Ye Gods!"
Maui Parasailing - part 2

Here we are coming in for a landing, that's scarier than the actual flight because they give the line slack and it seems like you're going to fall right into the water . . . yikes! When I'm about to land I let go of the camera so I can use my hand, so the last 1.5 minutes of the video is the camera bouncing around - it looks pretty cool, like an avant garde film.

The Great Maui Fire of 2010

The hills of Western Maui caught on fire about a half mile from our condo. Highways were shut down and people in the area were evacuated, and we were concerned that we'd have to abandon our corner of paradise. Turns out these hill fires are fairly common during the dry summer, which explains why the helicopters were zipping around like flies - those chopper pilots knew what they were doing. The whole mini-crisis added a bit of excitement to our trip!

The "Almost-Went-Zip-Lining" Adventure

We were scheduled to go "zip lining" on the day before we flew home, but when we got to the place in the hill country, we discovered the company had messed up our reservation and they were booked up. We were disappointed but decided to accept reality as it is rather than how we wanted it to be. So since we didn't get to go zip lining, I found a YouTube video of some other people having fun doing it, and we can all enjoy ourselves vicariously. Can't wait to go back to Maui and try it - next time we'll do it on the first day of our trip.