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We spent a lot of our time on the beach, these are just a few highlights. Maybe it's because we're getting older, but our favorite pasttime on this trip was to read on the beach. We especially liked the Marriott Hotel beach in Kapa'a because it had comfortable chairs, a shaved ice wagon, and neatly-trimmed grass to walk on.

Dora was the queen of readers

Also on the east side of the island was an unnamed beach that not many but natives knew about (our concierge told us about it). We called it the Secret Beach. A wide, calm fresh-water stream ran into it, so we had a choice of fresh or salt water. It was nice to float in the stream rather than getting battered around by the waves.

Dora was just happy being near the sound of the waves.

On the south side of the island, we discovered the Salt Pond Beach, named so because of the adjoing salt flats. Located in the town of Hanapepe, it was a great place to both swim and snorkel, but you had to watch out for the falling coconuts.

The most stunninly gorgeous beach we visited was on the western-most side of the island, completely secluded, and accessible only via a bumpy dirt road (our kidneys still ache). Polihale Beach is beautiful ! Adjacent to the southern tip of the Napali Coastline, it's the best place on the island to view a Kauai sunset.