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One of the most exciting days of our vacation featured a helicopter ride. We zoomed through canyons, next to cliffs, and down into canyons. The main attraction of this charter company was that the helicopters had no doors, so there were no obstructed views. Well . . . no doors also means more fear, and Mark had to check his seatbelt about 17 times to make sure he was fastened in tightly, especially after whirling turns in the air. Whoa! As scared as Mark was though, he didn't want it to end (Mark's acrophobia was the reason he made a career of the US Air Force...).

After taking off, we few across a field of coffee plants and then through one of many canyons. Within minutes, we were at the Napali coastline, where Mark got picture after picture of this beautiful set of cliffs.

We zipped up the coast to the north side of the island, caught a glimpse of Hanalei Bay (this beach was where South Pacific was shot), and then back through the center of the island where we snuck up on waterfall after waterfall after waterfall after waterfall after waterfall.

What a thrill !!