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A trip to the south of Kauai wouldn't be complete without a drive up into the mountains to see Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. After a long, winding trip, the view was spectacular. On the trip up to the canyon, we spotted a "red dirt waterfall" that we thought was picturesque.

Near our B&B in Poipu is the "Spouting Horn" a rock formation on the beach that acts as a natural geyser when waves hit it. What a great backdrop for a photo of Dora.

Also on the south side is the infamous Swinging Bridge of Hanapepe. The lady tourist who was on the bridge with Mark didn't appreciate him jumping up and down to get the bridge swinging, but he couldn't control himself.

While up north, Mark and Dora stopped at the famous Kaloa Lighthouse to take in beautiful vistas. On the way, they spotted a woman making and selling natural grass baskets (which we had to invest in, of course).

The luau Mark and Dora took in at Smith's Tropical Paradise (don't let the name fool you, the Smith's are Hawaiian with a Gringo ancestor). The food was spectacular, the grounds were beautiful, and the show was even better. In this next photo, the Hawaiian Hunks (as Dora called them) dig up the cooked pig from the underground oven.