Reed Our Italian Diary

Day Five

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Slept in for a change. Got up and walked to the main office for Meridiana Airlines, because our airline reservation with them got screwed up by British Airways. Got it all straightened out – turned out the reservation was booked under the name of Mr. Dora. Hmmmmm.

Dora was very happy we got that mess fixed. In this photo, she’s either expressing her joy or impersonating Mary Tyler Moore without the hat flying in the air.

While we walked to the city center to do some shopping, I had to get this shot. It accurately depicts the number of vespas, motor scooters, junior motorcycles, or whatever you want to call them that were always racing down the street. The sound of all these little food-processors-on-wheels often reminded me of a speedway full of lawnmowers.

Did a lot of shopping. Found a large leather showroom where we bought many gifts. The smell in the store was heavenly. We’re thinking of trying S&M.

Back to the room to start packing for Venice. Where has the time gone? After six days of 85-90 degree weather, though, we needed to find a laundry. Mark set out on an adventure and found a wash and fold place, a lavenderia, just a few blocks from the B&B. A girl in the back room spoke English (thank you Lord). Turns out she studied in England for a year, and while there, befriended a woman who now lives in San Lorenzo, just a couple of miles from Mark and Dora’s home. Small, small world. Clean clothes to pack!

Had dinner at a cozy restauranti we found while shopping and listened to the same crooning street performers.

Back to the B&B and to bed after another remarkable day.


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