Reed Our Italian Diary

Day Four

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After another rousing continental breakfast at the B&B, we took a taxi to the Uffizi (seen here at night). The Galleria Degli Uffizi is a large and very beautiful three-story art gallery in the heart of Florence, housing hundreds of art pieces from the 12th through 19th centuries. The beautiful interior was topped only by the art inhabiting it.

Dora and I spent three hours on a self-guided audio tour, gasping at the work of such artists as Botticelli (including the amazing Birth of Venus), Micelangeo (including his stunning Sacrifice of Isaac), Giorgione (including his 16th century masterpiece Portrait of Warrior with his Equerry), Leonardo da Vinci (including his Annunciation), Raffaello (including his famous Saint John the Baptist in the Desert), Rubens (his wild Triumphal Entry of Henri IV into Paris), and Rembrandt (his Self-portrait as a Young Man), among many, many other Italian, French, German, and Flemish painters.

We never knew so many Madonna and Childs existed anywhere in the world. After touring the Uffizi, Dora was Queen for a Second and then we had a quick lunch next door in the Piazza del Republica, a large plaza with many restaurantis.

After lunch, we jumped on a bus (not literally) for a half-day trip to Fiesole, a charming hillside town just above Florence, and more important than Florence for much of the Roman period. It has a Roman theater and impressive Etruscan remains. After climbing a very steep hill for 15 minutes we had our picture taken overlooking Fielsole. The vistas were beautiful, including this one, with Florence in the background under a haze.

We popped into a museum to marvel at a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, that showcased many of his inventions, including his rendition of a bicycle.

Then we took a walk through Fielsole, and saw the cutest little gas station. While we waited for a café to open, Mark got his hair cut, and felt a straight razor with hot lather on the back of his neck for the first time in many years (you guys know what I’m talking about…).

We missed the tour bus back to Florence! Actually, we avoided it on purpose so we could spend more time in Fiesole and enjoy the cool breezes. We took the #7 city bus back with the locals and jostled our way back down the big hill. It was late when we returned, so we had a small helping of pasta (what else) in the Piazza del Republica and called it a day.

Back to the B&B and to bed after another pristine day.


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